Jiu Jitsu Match

Jiu Jitsu Match
Attacking the Back

Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting stronger......

Well, I'll be at 8 weeks out from my quad reattachment surgery this tuesday.  Seems like a lot longer.....Everything is going great though.  Physical therapy is going great and I am doing so many things.  I'm riding the stationary bike, some squats, lots of quad squeezing, leg lifts, and lots of time in the pool.

I have gained some weight during the time and I'm not too pleased about it.  In all honesty, it wasn't that much weight, only about 10 pounds, but when I saw it was only that much, I decided to just go ahead and keep eating and now it's about 18 pounds...lol.  It's all good.  Diet's back on.  It's very important that I get the added weight off and take some additional off, to at least take some strain off my knees.  If I want to continue doing BJJ and other things, I need to be more serious with my diet.

Well, I've looked ahead to the schedule for the rest of the year and I have decided that I will go to the Nogi World Championships to compete in November.  I like and almost need to have goals to work for.  It keeps me directionally focused and keeps me improving.  Maybe I'm just that sort of person.  After the Nogi World's, I've decided to finally pursue taking my first MMA fight in the month or two after that.  I started out in martial arts with the intent on fighting, but I soon became more focused on just grappling gi and nogi.  Then I got more focused on just the gi.  Well, the spark is back, so onto the new (refound) adventure.  Honestly, I just want to be crap out of somebody (nothing personal to the opponent).  I look forward to the challenge and will keep the blog updated!

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