Jiu Jitsu Match

Jiu Jitsu Match
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Houston Open Preparation

Everybody's got at least a runny nose right now and mine's been buggin me for about 2 weeks.  It's been tough to train enough to compete at the level that I want to in Houston during the weekend of the 12th and 13th of February.  I have managed some good sessions though.  Today, Monday, my teammate Tareq and I drilled for and hour and a half.  Nothing but omo plata's and our A game sweep.  Drilling is tedious but so important to developing muscle memory and the technique.  It's so much fun to roll that drilling seems to be forgotten sometimes.  Well, that is if it weren't for my instructor who has us drill a lot! It pays off and this weekend, all of the hard work will show through. 

I sound like an old fart, but I also hurt my knee 3 weeks ago by accidentally bumping it into someone on a guard pull.  It hurt like hell when it happened and it's had very little strength and was swollen really bad for bit.  I went to the ortho and it checked out okay except for a strain/sprain and two bits of cartialage popped off and are hovering above my kneecap under my quad tendon.  I guess no big deal.  I was pretty worried until I went to the Doctor.  In the last couple days, it's really gotten better and I've been able to train harder.  I may not be 100% for this weekend, but it will be good enough. 

I had a friend, another heavyweight, out to train in the gi on saturday at my school, Passos BJJ, in Sterling, VA.  It was good to catch up with him and he really helped me with some details of my stand up game. Just some minor adjustments, but should make a huge difference this weekend.  After that, it was lunch, and onto another friend's place, Fairfax JJ.  It was fun to take the gi off and give the grips a break and roll with some different people.  It also provided some additional conditioning. 

This week I'll train hard tuesday and wednesday morning.  Then on thursday morning just drill through the gameplan and start resting for saturday.  I do a light exercise routine on friday evening to burn off the "bad" energy and do something similar on Saturday morning to get a good warmup and burn off the nervous energy.  Adrenaline to an extent is good, but too much can make you very tired.  I have competed enough times that I have a good routine to be ready to go and feel good at the start of match #1.  My division doesn't look too big (in quantity, they're big dudes!) and I think I might need 3 wins for the gold.  The work isn't over there, as I plan on conquering the absolute as well, of which there will probably be 4 or 5 more matches.  I will fight as hard as I can and as smart as I can.  I believe if I stick to my gameplan and get to my places, I will win both my weight and the open.  I have a lot of confidence in myself and the guidance I have been receiving.  Also some tough training partners and an increase in my conditioning will show on Saturday. 


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